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Three Words

Season 8 Episode 16 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

So now we have Agent Mulder, Scully, and Doggett all trying to figure out what’s happening. It seems there is no room at the moment for anything other then the truth and this episode starts with someone trying to make a rather bold statement about getting the truth out.

A man called Howard Salt attempts to run towards the White House, with a disc intended for the President. He only makes it half way across the lawn when he’s shot, after giving the disc to one of the security guys – it never makes it to the President. Mulder is eager to get back to work, despite Scully’s objections and difficulty in getting to grips with Mulder standing in his apartment, but she requests Mulder be returned to the X-Files. Kersh denies the request, and states that Doggett should be the one to explain way – because Scully and Doggett have made more arrests then Mulder did in seven years apparently.

Meanwhile, Absalom – the preaching guy who helped heal the returnees with Jeremiah Smith, learns of the attempt to get a disc to the White House, and during a work detail – escapes from prison and heads straight to Doggett’s house. Mulder makes the connections between Howard Salt and Absalom, who marches Doggett into the census records office to gain access to the information that was on the disc.

Mulder also finds information that was stored on Howard’s computer – again from the census building. Absalom and Doggett’s trip to the Census office doesn’t go well when they kill Absalom, without even asking questions. Doggett is in Skinners office when Mulder walks in. Their first ever meeting doesn’t go too well as Mulder pushes Doggett back down onto his chair – accusing him of burying the truth rather then revealing it. Taking great personal interest in his work, Mulder explains the X-Files is an office of the truth, and he’s messing it up.

Doggett corrects him, stating he’s just as much in the dark as everyone else, and the two part company. Mulder takes the information he found on Howard’s computer to Frohinkie, Byers, and Langley – who after a nice little emotional display state the disc cannot be decrypted and they’ll need to go to the census office. Doggett goes to his friend Knowle Rohrer for help, who states that these people will stop at nothing to prevent that information being leaked, but gives Doggett three words – Fight The Future. Doggett goes straight to Scully with this information, and claims it’s the password into the census data.

Skinner’s playing catch up and explains to Doggett that the information at the census office is being used to track people based on a certain genetic structure. Doggett explains that Scully and Mulder (with the help of the Lone gunmen) are already planning to get inside and get the information, which may have been a mistake – and believes they’ve been set up. He heads down there to warn Scully, but she doesn’t listen. Mulder manages to get inside and access the computer.

He see’s the information that’s being used to track people and attempts to email it to various sources, but it doesn’t work. Doggett catches up and tries to get Mulder to leave. But based on their last meeting – Mulder is having none of it – until the carvery arrive. Doggett and Mulder escape through the roof. Lastly we see Doggett confront his source Knowle about setting him up – knowing giving him the password would get Mulder in a position to get shot (not that he dies easily).

Doggett and Skinner go along and threaten to expose him. Knowle states he’s only giving them information, how they act upon it is their own undoing. On walking away we see an implant, or some kind of genetic mutation on the back of Knowles neck! He’s a baddie!

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