The Serpent

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Season 8 Episode 17 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Now that Mulder’s back, we have three agents all fighting for attention, plus we also get Agent Monica Reyes back on the scene in an episode which mostly focuses on building up a little history between Monica and Agent Doggett… oh and there’s also some sort of X-File in there somewhere, though it’s rather crap and left mostly undeveloped.

It starts with Mulder stopping by to give Scully a present, but before she can open it – she’s off to hospital due to abdominal pain. While waiting, Mulder gets a call from Agent Reyes, who he has never met. She states she’d like his help with a case, and can’t go to the usual X-Files dude now, because the case involves Agent Doggett.

She fills him in on the details of Agent Doggett’s son Luke, who was killed three years ago and his killer never found. The only X-File about this case was Agent Reyes and Agent Doggett both had a vision of the body charred to pieces when they discovered. Now thousands of miles and years later, she has the same vision at an unrelated crime scene. The rest of the episode involving this ‘pure evil’ connection in ordinary people isn’t explained very well, and were left wondering if Luke’s killer is actually caught, but Mulder gets thrown against a wall and yelled at when Doggett learns of Mulder’s involvement of the case.

Without going into too much detail, Mulder is unusually sceptical of Monica’s theory and brushes it all off as a coincidence. Doggett still refuses to believe in what he saw when they discovered his sons body all those years ago, but goes to Scully to ask how she managed to covert to a believe. She mostly thanks Mulder. Doggett leaves it all be and Monica manages to get knocked out by some pissed off sister, after shooting her brother. Finally,

Scully and Mulder get round to opening the gift – a doll that was in Mummy Mulder’s house. Scully thanks Mulder for helping her believe, and hopes it’s a trait she can pass on – I presume she means Doggett and the unborn child.

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