The Serpent

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Season 8 Episode 19 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Well to sum up this episode, a human reptile goes around trying to eat FBI Agents, and it so happens that one of the agents is a n00b.

Yes that’s right, Agent Mulder has nothing better to do with his time now he’s unemployed and Scully is forced by her doctor to take maternity leave. On departing the office, Scully gives Doggett a present – the Apollo 11 key chain that was given to her by Mulder for her birthday in season 4. On her leave, a woman enters the office, and identifies herself as Agent Leyla Harrison – his new partner! Doggett naturally questions this, and asks what she did to upset Kersh.

Harrison explains she begged for this assignment, stating she used to work in Finance and examined Mulder and Scully’s travel expenses. Upon arriving at their first X-File, Doggett and Harrison manage to get infected with some venom which causes blindness, and left for dead, waiting to be eaten but this crazy man-like reptile.

Mulder, being unemployed can’t stay away from FBI central and takes the tour – only to detour to Scully’s autopsy of the first victim. From there, Mulder and Scully get back into old habits to locate Doggett and Harrison, with AD Skinner’s help. Mulder spots the half man, half reptile thing run across a lawn, and up a wall, after locating Doggett and Harrison, he guides a blind Doggett into shooting the thing.

When the ordeal is over, Harrison asks to be transferred off the X-Files, but has one question for them – How did Scully and Mulder get back from Antarctica (the end of the X-Files movie).

It’s nice to see a little old time friendly banter between the two agents, Scully sticks the facts of being unconscious while Mulder quite clearly states it was a spaceship!

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