The Serpent

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Season 8 Episode 20 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Well where to start? This episode brings about many truths involving Scully’s baby, and with one more episode to go, it’s about time she gave birth.

We start with the usual voice over – this time it’s Mulder, talking about biology, philosophy and the miracle of life. Next up, we see Scully having her baby shower with Mummy Scully who introduces to Lizzy Gill – her new Baby Nurse. Almost immediately, she’s up to no good, as we see Lizzy swapping Scully’s drugs for some other unknown substance. Meanwhile, Mulder and Doggett are investigating an arson attack on Zeus Genetics, which happens to be caused by… Billy Miles!

Agent Doggett is spending his Saturday morning cleaning hist gun in true Marine style, when Mulder interrupts informing him of the Zeus Genetics fire. After looking through the remains, they also notice that the co-founder of the place is a Dr Parenti – Scully’s old doctor. The Agents head over to pay him a visit, only to find something quite strange – lots of little babies in jars.

Scully is slowly getting used to having her little helper around when we see Lizzy leave the house for the day, only to get into Duffy Haskell’s car. Confused as to who he was? He was the man who claimed his wife was giving birth to an alien in episode “Par Manum”. Things are starting to get very complicated. Mulder and Doggett manage to link the fire with Parenti again and head over. Only it’s too late.

Billy Miles has already paid him a visit. Doggett and Mulder arrive just in time to get kicked through the door. Doggett takes a few shots at Billy, only to still having him coming towards him (which he later puts down to drugs!).

They find Dr Parenti’s head in a jar, and Billy Miles makes off, complete with the strange implants on the back of his neck. Mulder and Doggett head back to Scully’s where Doggett points something interesting. Telling Mulder that he’s read all the X-Files cases (much like me!), he notes that aliens usually bleed green, not red.

Mulder assumes this is some kind of new alien, that was an abductee and now transformed when he shed his skin, They all point out Mulder went through the same thing, but was saved by Scully. Scully gets paranoid about the reasons as to why Mulder and Doggett were there – and gets confirmation that they were only concerned because Parenti was Scully’s doctor.

Lizzy also notices that Doggett and Mulder are at Scully’s apartment, and are asking all the right questions. She calls Duffy and he explains he’s got to continue – but is interrupted and killed by… Billy Miles. Skinner’s at the scene when Mulder turns up. Before they can exchange pleasantries, Skinner takes Mulder aside and asks for some straight answers about the kid’s father.

Mulder can’t give them (despite a pool that’s supposedly going on at FBI central). He calls Scully and explains that they need to address the issue of all of Scully’s doctors being killed. Both Skinner and Mulder believe someone is interfering with her pregnancy. At that moment, she notices the baby nurse switching the drugs over! They question her – who goes on to explain that she’s been part of a human cloning project.

It was unsuccessful until they got hold of alien DNA which the government obtained in 1947 (I assume this means Roswell – yet Smoking man claimed this was a hoax…. Hmmm). From then they were able to make alien babies work! Although they didn’t last long, they were good for just tissue samples etc. When questions about what Scully has to do with all this – She states that there is nothing wrong with Scully.

The baby is very special, and almost a perfect specimen of a human. It’s basically Jesus. With all this information, Mulder heads straight to Scully and gets her to leave, seeking safety. Doggett gets a fake call from Billy Miles stating he wants to turn himself in, but it’s all a decoy to get to Scully, as the power goes out in her apartment block. Mulder and Scully head for the car, only to see that they’ve been blocked in and Billy Miles is coming towards them. When it all looks very bad for the pair, who should run Billy Miles over and offer a quick escape but….. Krycek!

As the two switch cars and make off with Krycek, they see Billy rise again, with only a cut on his face. They head back to FBI central with Krycek, who seems to be on the side of good. Doggett has his reservations considering the last time they met (parking lot), but they let him speak. Krycek goes on to explain that there are many others like Billy, they are there to stop any attempt to prevent colonization (yes! It’s back!). Scully works out that they want Scully’s baby.

It’s a special baby who was created through a miracle, you could say they are afraid it, and combined with alien and human DNA it’s almighty. Skinner quite rightfully points out that Krycek wanted the baby dead – but Krycek explains that he wanted to destroy the truth before the aliens learned of it. They attempt to get Scully out of the building using Agent Monica Reyes help. Billy already knows about this and heads through the car park.

Mulder places great trust in Krycek and lets him escort Scully to the basement, where Monica is waiting in a car. Skinner and Mulder lure Billy to the roof, where they push him off and let him fall into a garbage truck, with help from Agent Gene Crane. Scully and Monica make their escape… but finally we see that Agent Gene Crane isn’t Crane.. he’s an alien hybrid! End of part 1.

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