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Season 8 Episode 21 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 1

So we come to the end of Season 8. It’s been a long ride, and things are really starting to pick up where they left off. Billy’s remains need to be confirmed as ‘dead’, which the attending doctor does pretty quickly, considering he fell into a garbage truck and arrived at the morgue in a little box.

However, after placing a small metallic object found in the remains on the table and leaving, we see the thing start to regenerate into what looks like a human spine. Scully and Monica are still on their getaway drive to the middle of nowhere. (The place Doggett was born). Mulder, Skinner, Krycek and Doggett are now all made aware of Billy’s return, literately walking out of the morgue.

Meanwhile, Knowle goes to see Doggett in an attempt to throw him off. He explains that Billy Miles is a Military experiment gone wrong, and that together they can help catch it, Doggett doesn’t buy this straight away, but Knowle explains that Scully was taken six years ago as part of a alien abduction staging program and impregnated with the same prototype Billy Miles supposedly is, and that’s the reason this Military super solider is after her.

Basically Knowle tries to get Scully’s location out of Doggett, but he doesn’t give it. Billy, however is already in FBI central! Krycek quickly makes it out of the office into the elevator, with Skinner running behind, Krycek makes no attempt to hold the lift for Skinner, but luckily he makes it. After a filthy look at Krycek Billy’s hand punctures the lift doors, knocking Skinner unconscious. Doggett tells Mulder about Knowle, which makes Doggett think about just how much Knowle is messing him around.

Monica and Scully get a small fright when a local sheriff drives into the abandoned town they are planning on having the baby. For once, a local law enforcement helps them by providing medical kits and towels, nothing really eventful about her yet. So while Scully is living it up in a little shack, Mulder’s on the hunt for this Knowle person he’s been hearing a lot about, but is having a hard time finding him. They get a break when heading to the parking lot of some building, and spot Krycek driving in, with Knowle in the passenger seat!

Now things get difficult when Billy Miles happens to turn up right outside Scully’s little shack and knock Monica flying while she’s retrieving water. Lucky for her, the Sheriff is nearby and blasts Billy with a shotgun, they take him inside and notice the strange lumps on the back of his neck. As Knowle leaves the car, Doggett follows, while Mulder tags Krycek. Doggett heads upstairs into FBI Central to find Knowle talking to someone in Kersh’s office… it happens to be Agent Gene Crane! After speaking with Mulder and Skinner, Doggett works out that there must be a lot more going on then they know. Since Krycek, Knowle and Agent Crane are all in on it, and have access to everything, it may go even higher.

Mulder concludes that they already know where Scully is based on phone records Doggett made with Monica and they head out to find Scully. Before Mulder can even finish the conversation, he notices Krycek is no longer in his car, when the window bursts through and Krycek already has a gun pointed at Mulder. After eight years, it finally looks like Krycek has the upper hand. He explains to Mulder that he could have killed him any time, but he’s been keeping Mulder alive., purely hoping that Mulder could expose the truth, just like Krycek wanted.

Mulder quite rightly points out that all Krycek has done is save his own skin and not reveal the truth that the people he worked for fought so hard to keep secret. Mulder tells Krycek just to get on with it and kill him, just like he did Daddy Mulder. With obvious signs of hesitation in Krycek’s eyes, he squeezes the trigger, only to be interrupted by a gunshot to his shoulder, fired from…. Skinner! On trying to reach for his gun, Skinner shoots Krycek a second time.

With his prosthetic arm, Krycek edges the gun across the floor, stating ‘it will take more bullets then you can ever fire, to win this game. One bullet, and I can give you a thousand lives… shoot Mulder.’ Skinners answer is to fire one shot into Krycek’s head – killing him instantly!

With Krycek dead, Mulder heads to the location Doggett gave him, things start to happen very quickly as per usual in the ending of a season. Monica notices the sheriff that’s been helping them also has strange lumps on the back of her neck! Doggett runs into Knowle and Crane in FBI central – on drawing his gun he realises it may be no use against these unstoppable human replacements and runs for it.

Monica face plants a bucket of boiling water over the sheriff, who then notices many cars turning up – neither of them FBI. The sheriff states “This baby will be born.”, and Billy Miles gets back up. Doggett and Skinner make a break for it, only to have a crazed Agent Crane attack the car, which that manage to shake off using the art of other parked cars. Scully’s getting rather freaked out by giving birth to her baby while being surrounded by Billy Miles and other various strangers.

Knowle intentionally runs Crane down after he’s knocked off from Doggett’s car and then ploughs his own vehicle into a pillar, in a spectacular fireball. Mulder finally makes it to Scully, after just giving birth to a little boy, as he arrives, the other strange alien people move away.

We end this episode in Kersh’s office, who- as usual, is having a hard time understanding things. He’s being slightly angry because Doggett assigned Agent Reyes to look after Scully, and states that Doggett cannot just assume authority of the office – to which Doggett states he can… because this office is under investigation due to a late night meeting between Kersh, Crane and Knowle. Kersh has nothing to say except “You investigate what I tell you!”, to which Doggett explains he was put on the X-Files by Kersh, and that’s what he’s investigating.

Lastly, Mulder heads to Scully’s, who is holding her new baby boy. The lone Gunmen are there, looking like the three wise kings. Mulder claims he followed a light to find Scully, and we learn the baby will be named William – after Mulder’s father. Both Mulder and Scully are still confused as to why they still have the kid, and Billy didn’t take it.

After a sentence with the ‘truth’ mentioned a lot, Mulder goes on to state they may be fearing the truth they both know… the music comes up and… they kiss properly!</span>

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