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Trust No 1

Season 9 Episode 6 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 2

Season 9 is going to be rather sporadic. We’ve now jumped from an episode where a guy controls bugs, to adding tonnes of weight to the super solider theory. This episode starts with CCTV footage of Scully being spied on, and a voice over of what appears to be a letter to William, she states that she’s missed the chance to keep the one person that makes her feel complete, and that Mulder was her true opposite, which made her feel loved and special - as this speech goes on, we see flashbacks of Mulder and Scully together over the years, it’s almost as if one of them is going to die in this episode, yet it only serves to strengthen their relationship and highlight the struggle they are both enduring while spending time apart.

This episode also gives up the tag line “They’re watching” - not had a custom one for a long time! Anyway, onto the plot. We see Scully get an email (to her email account called Queequeg - the name of her old dog), it’s from Mulder. He states he’s lonely and wants to come back - to see Scully and William. Scully replies, stating that his words make her physically shake, and she would rather hear them from his own mouth. Anyway, Doggett and Monica bust in during Scully’s training to announce that some ‘spook’ has been in touch and has information about the super soldiers they’ve been hearing a rather lot about, but he’ll only talk to Mulder. Scully denies she can contact Mulder and tries to drop it, but Doggett wont let it go.

They trace the spook to Scully’s apartment - where Scully is caring for a woman she saw in the street who’s lost her baby to her husband - who happens the be the spook. Doggett, Monica and Scully confront the woman and spook who claim he works for the NSA - they’ve been watching Scully and noticed that William has the same abilities as their own son, and want to work together to figure out what this super solider program is all about. He feels he can only talk to Mulder because he can bridge the gap.

It takes a lot of convincing but Scully manages to convince Mulder this is worth it and can come back. It’s only now we realise where Mulder has actually been - he’s been on the run and living in the underground because the super soldiers are rather mad with him. Anyway, Scully goes to work it all out when she is contacted by another spook only known as ‘shadow man’. Shadow man leads Scully through some rather over zealous precautions in an attempt to convince her that they have good information which needs to get to Mulder. But it all goes wrong when they wait for the midnight train for Mulder to arrive.

First up, the Shadow man turns up, attempts to kill everyone but gets shot by the first spook who worked for the NSA. Doggett then shoots shadow man who falls on the track and the train is ordered to continue through the station with Scully shouting for Mulder behind it. Upon investigation they notice the body of shadow man has gone! Moments later a jumper is reported from the train and they head to the quarry where he’s been sighted. It turns out to be shadow man who’s cornered Scully and informs her that either William or Mulder must die. Before he can say why, he starts to shake violently and then flies straight into the rock just behind Scully, disappearing into thin air in a small particle like explosion. Scully runs to safety and all is well.

We end this rather touching episode with one final email to Mulder. Scully states she’s not sure if it will even reach him, but all she wants is to see him again, and be with her and William, to share those last few moments of happiness they once had.

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