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John Doe

Season 9 Episode 7 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

John Doggett now becomes John Doe when he wakes up mysteriously in a Mexican town. After running into the corrupt police and getting thrown in prison, he realises he cannot remember how he got there, his name, or anything about himself. The rest of the episode see’s Doggett avoiding trouble in the small little town which is ran by some kind of Mexican cartel.

Meanwhile, Scully, Skinner and Monica are attempting to convince Kersh to continue searching for Doggett, which Kersh fails to do. So behind Kersh’s back, Monica and Skinner sneak into Mexico, rescue Doggett from the evil cartel and all is well. Doggett finds out his memory was taken by some freak with glowing eyes who can take people memories away - but the thought of loosing Luke (Doggett’s son) was too strong it brought the memories back. A rather action packed episode which reminds me of Desperado quite a lot, and see’s Doggett looking a bit ‘John McClane’ like after getting beaten up several times. Still it doesn’t quite live up to X-Files standards, since Monica saves the day as a result of being born and raised Mexican so she figures it all out.

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