The Serpent

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Season 9 Episode 8 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

As we draw to a close of the X-Files legacy, it’s getting clearer that Chris Carter is slowly running out of ideas. This episode see’s more of Monica’s strange ‘senses’ save the day when someone… or something is going around skinning people alive.

It’s not exactly clear who it is or what it is, but it seems that people have premonitions of the skinning taking place before it happens. With the exception of one person of course - Monica, she doesn’t know why (and neither do we), but she’s the chosen one to stop the bad guy - some reincarnated miner from the 1800’s who’s reborn every time he dies and attempts to skin more people.

Scully’s in the background somewhere using science and logic to piece the puzzle together, and slices up some dead people to work out the killer in 1860, was the same killer as today… all a little weird and rather pathetic to be honest.

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