The Serpent

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Season 9 Episode 16 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

It seems emptier already now that we’ve lost the Lone Gunmen, but it’s time to make big strides, and that comes in the form of the X-Files newest member… William.

Big strides they are indeed when we start the episode with the perfect example of the American family - minus the child of course. However that is sorted pretty quick when the woman from the adoption agency stops by to hand over their newest addition to the family… a little baby boy named William.

Then we go back one week earlier to see the events unfold which could lead Scully to such a decision. As Doggett returns to the office after forgetting something, he’s attacked by a man going through the X-Files cabinets. The man is caught and questioned. He knows a lot about Mulder, Scully and Mulder’s past. He claims he was looking for files which relate to secret conspirators which he blames for his rather disfiguring scars and burns. Scully, Doggett and Reyes attempt to find his true identity and with the help of DNA tests… Scully refuses to believe the results.. it’s Mulder

Despite physically being shorter, lighter and basically just not acting like Mulder, the facts speak for themselves. Scully still knows deep down this man is totally different and confronts him about what he wants. He claims to have spoken to Mulder and Mulder lead him to the files, which Scully instantly knows is wrong because Mulder knew the files were located at her house… and not in the X-Files office. Therefore this man couldn’t be Mulder.

After a few chases and tearful moments with William, the mystery man injects William with something while everyone’s sleeping (that poor kid, always trying to be killed in his cot). Scully gets mega upset and ruses him to hospital while Doggett roughens the mystery man up a bit.

When nothing is found to be wrong with him, it’s time Scully and this man talk, in which the answers come out.. see if you can guess who the man is!

Scully starts by truly insulting him and never believed he was Mulder, and that the bullet that was meant to kill him succeeded. Skinner figures it out from behind the glass, and the man states that when he was shot, he couldn’t destroy the one thing he hated most - the hatred of his killer. We then see the clenching flashback to Mulder’s office… where Smoking man shoots his son - Agent Spender!

Because Spender is Mulder’s half-brother - they share the same DNA, but it wasn’t enough to fool Scully. The elaborate plan of getting caught in the FBI etc was only to get to William. The injection that Spender put into William was an unknown metal, described as ‘Magnetite’, a gift, as he describes it.

Spender explains that his father, as a conspirator to control the world colonization failed, Smoking man wanted nothing more then to see the world fail too. So Spender has prevented alien colonization by injecting William because he was the one thing the aliens need to proceed. So curing William was an act of revenge against Smoking man.

Scully has a hard time understanding, but knows it’s not over. They will always know what William was, and will never accept what he is. It’s unlikely that Scully can protect William, and will only do to William what they did to Spender. Scully heads home looking into Williams eyes. Reyes tries to console her when Scully realises the truth that she can not protect William for ever… with that we see William goes up for adoption… and his new life of baseball and jungle gym’s begin with a new family where they will never know of the importance he once held.

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