The Serpent

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Season 9 Episode 17 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

With the final only three episodes away. It’s time to wrap up loose ends.

This episode is all about Agent Doggett’s son Luke, and the great question that haunts him… who killed his son?! He gets a tip about some recent murders and is aided by a rather talented FBI Cadet called Hayes. Turns out the cadet knows more then he should and points Doggett to the real killer.. someone Agent Follmer knew from New York. We see a dirty side of Agent Follmer when he is in the car with the Mafia dude stating he wants out. To which Follmer is reminded that if anything should happen to the Mafia dude… a tape of Follmer paying off the Mafia will find it’s way to the press.

In the end, it’s Doggett’s ex wife who identifies Hayes - but it’s not him! He’s only identified because Hayes took great interest in the case. After bluffing his way into the FBI and getting close to Doggett, he put him on the case of the recent murders which were performed by the same person.

The Mafia man, known as Regali, tells Doggett a story. He says that Luke was taken by a pervert who had a thing for little boys - someone we know as Harvey… Doggett’s original suspect. However Regali walked in on Harvey with the kid, and since he could now be identified - killed the kid. Regali tells Doggett all this safe in the knowledge that an FBI agent shouldn’t take revenge. But he doesn’t know Doggett.

On leaving the bar, Doggett draws his gun, follows Regali out the door, only to hear a gun fire and see’s Follmer standing over Regali’s dead body. Finally we see Doggett and his ex wife at the beach, releasing Luke’s ashes to the sea. As his ex wife pointed out previously, Doggett could be close to Reyes - if only he would let go.. now that he has, the two hug at the end… and the music comes up.

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