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Sunshine Days

Season 9 Episode 18 Paranormal Movements: 3 Love Moments: 0

It’s always stylish to end such a journey with a look back on the past.

This episode see’s Scully, Doggett and Reyes research into a man with extraordinary telekinetic powers capable of lifting people off the floor, and creating images\places with his mind. He starts out a lonely kid, who makes friends with his doctor. However when the powers go away, so does the doctor.

Before long he’s living alone and so recreates the set of The Brady Bunch with his head. Unlucky for them, two kids spot the inside of the house through a window and recognise it instantly as the set from the TV show. They enter only to get thrown through the roof.

Agent Doggett and Reyes check it out to find nothing amiss, however Scully notices that the guy has these abilities when looking at an old video of him with his doctor. During an autopsy of one of the victims, she notices a metal scalpel spinning gently on it’s own, when touching it, she gets a shock. Doggett goes to visit the guy again only to get pulled though the ceiling into the attic, where he finds himself upside down and walking on the beams of the roof. Totally unable to believe his eyes, the doctor talks Oliver into relaxing, at which point Doggett falls to the ground.

Agent Reyes returns and also has to rub her eyes when the inside of the house now resembles the set of The Brady Bunch, and they all get a massive shock when he turns the place into a lovely cliff side green.

Naturally Scully wants to take him back and show the science community, to which Skinner gets a taste of the action when Oliver lifts Skinner off the floor, letting him spin in the air.</span> After everyone is alerted of his abilities, he suffers a seizure and goes to hospital. It seems that when he uses his powers, he dies a little. In the end the doctor forbids him from using his powers as these are the causes of his illness and looks after him so he’s never lonely.

The bottom line in this episode is that the X-Files is drawing to an end, and they owe it to the fans to have a dumb-founded look on Skinners face when he’s witnessing the true nature of the Agents’ work. Granted they aren’t aliens on the Whitehouse lawn, but still something Mulder would be proud of. They all witness the Brady Bunch appear and say good bye to Oliver, and Doggett accepts he’s finally getting the hang of the X-Files, while Scully accepts that she’s seen a lot of paranormal stuff in her nine years, but maybe that’s not what’s so important.

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